His name is Jimmy Nevis, Elephant Shoes what?

Behind The Name

“Hi, I’m Jimmy Nevis, I’m from Constantia and I love to party”.

This is one of the reasons behind his pseudonym, I will not be revealing his name. All you have to know for now is that this current UCT student is surely making a BIG name for himself, having heard him on numerous commercial radio stations in the country.

Yes, i know I haven’t told you where the name Jimmy comes from, adding some sentimental value to his music career he took his grandfather’s name,  seriously this is cute. Do make a pitstop when you you bump into him, you’ll pick up a thing or two for each other ( please do not crucify me if you don’t, it is still okay).

Behind this name is the influence of his music, it’s obviously personal because no.1 he writes it himself and no. 2 it is about varying moments in his life. This name is a combination of his social life and his family.

Elephant Shoes

Megan Engelbrecht asked  on the facebook page  :” what does Elepahnt Shoes mean?”, I had the same thoughts lady. Here’s  a little story, he thought of it as a kid, recently he made a trip to Thailand and took a photo with an elephant. You know people just have to see photos of you doing all these cool things on Facebook. Anyway, he randomly named the photograph elephant shoes. A month later he came across an emotional moment with a girl and the only thing his mind chose to escape into was the chorus of Elephant Shoes and that’s when the song was born. Epic right?

Artists get exploited all the time by record labels, what’s your story?

This boy gets better I tell you. He says that he stays grounded in prayer. Something about it that gives him strength that “every little thing is gonna be alright” as Bob Marley sings. He says that various bodies like radio stations, media personalities and record labels will try to bring you down, however you have to stick to your initial idea and make sure that you go out there and get it. Trust me (Wendy) , the world is BIG!!!!! one person will turn you down, you grow from them and move on, there are perks from criticism and rejection and never let them get to you.

He met a number of well-known record labels before Rudeworld. Rudeworld understood him and encouraged his sense of self and that he should continue doing what he was doing.

Being in Cape Town

I still don’t understand why he says that it’s not the nightlife, maybe first year let’s-get-drunk fever has cooled off. Jimmy Nevis enjoys getting to chat with the different people across and this Cape Town is the place he says. The same people are the ones that support his music and the privilege he has each day to meet somebody new who listens and luuuurrrrvvvveeesss his music.

Jimmy Nevis has performed in the 2 month-long shows which took place in the Grandwest Arena last year, Roxy Review Bar and Funkytown.


Where do we get your music?

If you are not a radiohead like most fokes who’ve picked up the song there, you can like his Facebook page where you will find various links to soundcloud. You have to have Elephant Shoes on your playlist.

Any last words, please…

Thank you to supporters, people spreading the word – nothing more powerful.  Watch the space for the new track called Heart-Boxing.


see his video here and the Rolling stones interview

rolling stones interview

26 thoughts on “His name is Jimmy Nevis, Elephant Shoes what?

  1. Really nice story about ‘elephant shoes’. I kinda didn’t understand this lad. I mean i really like his music, although heartboxing is the only one i heard. Until this morning i heard ‘ elephant shoes’. Really awesome. After reading this i understand much more. His truely an inspiration to not only Capetonians but to SA, he makes us proud. Oh i heard elephant shoes was a way of saying i love you years ago?

  2. Jimmy had me at “ …if lovin u is against d rules then gimme 25- life…“. Go on & share ur awesomness wit d world bro!

  3. Hi
    I saw Jimmy at a concert at the river club in observatory and from that day I was like wow, I have a new admiration for him. The way he interacted with the crowd, the way he sang. He sounds arsum live by the way. Hour can sing for me anyday lol

  4. I don’t know how you do it but you get better!on my bucket list #1-i hope I get to have a chat with jimmy Nevis!You are an amazing singer.You’re Gonna Be a Legend:)!I Love You

  5. I just wanna say what a great person you are..your music gives people hope and make them believe in the thing we call love and just know to never give up…you are awesome n very handsome keep doing what you doing n all the best…pls come toooo durban plssss

  6. Wel yoh his voice ol i cn say z dat i’ve nvr been to heaven bt i’m pretty thats jst where it cumz frm… keep up da gud work brother u rock our world aphe ‘Mthatha’…¤winx¤

  7. Wow i the track “heartboxing” its cool and i love jimmy nevis so much.would like him to be my matric dance date

  8. Firstly, I love Jimmy Nevis* secondly ii didn’t know he came up with “elephant shoes” while being in Thailand_ ii thought that elephant shoes meant like…. When you mouth the words “elephant shoes” it actually looks like you saying “I love you”…. Anyway, now ii know…. I know all the lyrics to it & ii love singing along with it* next time you in PE* look me up :)

  9. If you mouth the words “eliphant shoe” it could be misunderstood for saying “i love you”. This is my understanding of the Eliphant Shoe song. Great musician. looking forward to hearing more songs from this lad in the future!!!

  10. HI JIMMY



  11. Hi, I’m a huge fan of jimmy nevis and I wanted to know more about who he is, so I searched up this article and read it… And I have to say his story truly is very inspiring and I would like to be like him
    I want to be daring and I also want to follow my dreams and make it come true as he has…
    Thanx jimmy nevis

  12. I LOVE YOU ,jimmy ,awesome person,and great song writer,love balloonsand and heartboxing when you coming to durbz

  13. big fan, i luv ur music,
    n i luv u
    #jimmy, :)
    the show’z u did put on in cpt, was supa, i did hav an awesme tym…

  14. hiii
    big fan!!
    I luv ur music n i luv u
    #jimmy nevis
    the shows u put on in cpt was awesome, i enjoyed it, luking 4ward 4 m0re hey :D

  15. I’m a huge fan , I really love your music , you not only my favourite artist in the whole world but a icon , a role model and most importantly an inspiration. You rock Jimmy !!!!! :)

  16. #Jimmy Nevis :)
    I can’t go a day without his song “In Love With You” and as for “Heart Boxing” ..Your voice_____Angelic
    Can’t wait to hear your other songs

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